Brugnotto Talks #1 - Franco Brugnotto

Our project “Brugnotto Talks” is an original way to present you the protagonists of our big family, to enjoy a full company experience and – why not – to see what happens behind the scenes.


The first appointment is with Franco Brugnotto – Founder of Brugnotto Group – who talks about our recent past, with a confident gaze at the future.

Together with our General Manager Amedeo Cassandrini, we talk about the importance of safety in Brugnotto Group.

Before, during and after the period of health emergency, our company has implemented all the relative protocols to safeguard everyone’s health. Let’s discover together the important prevention and control measures that the company has put in place.

Brugnotto Talks #2 - Amedeo Cassandrini

Brugnotto Talks #3 - Moreno Brugnotto

After our participation in Euroshop 2020 and the great success, the retail world has changed a lot.

Together with Moreno Brugnotto, Sales Manager of the Hi Retail division, we imagine the near future, with an eye to the technology proposed by Ecofusion and to the integration between analogue and digital sources.

Together with Andrea Maligno, Sales Manager of the Hi Contract division, we discover the unique ingredients of the “turnkey design service” of Hi Contract. The attention to every detail of the project, customer care, craftmanship and a dedicated team led this division to become an important reference point in the sector.

Brugnotto Talks #4 - Andrea Maligno

Brugnotto Talks #5 - Riccardo Brugnotto

With a journey through the five human senses, Riccardo Brugnotto – Sales Manager of Hi
Display – guides us to discover the wide range of services offered by this division.

Design, production and assembly of all components: Hi Display manufactures display solutions for products and brands – the only limit is our imagination.

This Brugnotto Talk marks and important milestone for the company.
Joining the FSC certification of 2019, the company obtained both the ISO 9001 for quality management and the ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety. This is a starting point for the company towards a continuous improvement, quality and the safeguard of everyone’s health.

Brugnotto Talks #6 - Carlo Brugnotto

Brugnotto Talks #7 - Maurizio Favetta

We host Archt. Maurizio Favetta, owner of the King Size studio in Milan.
The collaboration between Brugnotto Group and the architect led to the 2020Rievolution project – presented during the 2020 Euroshop fair – and the unique Ecofusion boiserie.
A new communication and architectural system that combines technology and craftmanship for the first time with an original, eco-friendly and creative approach.

The careful selection and the origin of all materials have always been essential aspects for our company.
Our ongoing commitment to the research of raw materials has led us more and more to green and eco-friendly choices, until we obtained the FSC Chain of Custody Certification.

Brugnotto Talks #8 - Mirko Vecchiato