Before completing your project, first we want to show you the final result: this is why we use cutting-edge software which can perfectly simulate everything that we discussed on the brief.


Together we design and create the best solutions for your projects so that we meet all your needs. We work side by side with you to create your ideas, by supporting you in every step starting from the design.


Our technologies, together with the automated tools, guarantee precise technical solutions for every finishing while always paying attention the aesthetic needs of your project. Not only that, choosing the material is extremely important for us, as well as optimizing the production methods to make cost effective solutions.


Our continuous research allows us to understand the market needs and to learn about the latest industry trends and technologies. We believe and invest in cutting-edge technology to guarantee you the best equipment and a high-quality production.


Creating a prototype for your project is very important for the final result: this is why we employ cutting-edge prototyping software to perform tests and evaluate the costs and the implementation time of your project.


We can take our standard products and customize them to fit your exact requirements. This is much quicker an cheaper than starting with a brand new product design.


Just in time is our philosophy: in fact, we only produce what it has been sold, allowing us to eliminate warehousing costs. You can also count on a tailor-made management of your order thanks to the on-demand delivery, so that we can deliver your goods only when you need them.


You can choose any kind of material for your project: non only wood and its derivatives, but also glass, metal and thermo plastics. We also offer you a wide range of colours and lacquers to choose from, in addition to the standard forms and customized finishes.


We manufacture semi-finished products, furnishings and final furniture products based on your requirements, from small to large production runs. As a further option we are able to provide you with either fully assembled products or kits that can be shipped all over the world.


We can store both your finished product and raw materials, like panels and varnishes, and deliver everything to you when you need them.


We are able to offer you full fulfilment from our DC to anywhere in the world. Simply tell us what you need us to do to make your life easier.