Panel manufacting

  • Sectioning
    6 beam saws
  • Sawing
    6 double-sided automatic edge banders
    3 single-sided automatic edge banders
  • Edging
    6 double-sided automatic edge banders
    3 single-sided automatic edge banders
    2 manual edge banders
  • Drilling and dowelling
    4 dowel machines
    2 line drilling machines
    2 inserting machines
  • Pantographing
    8 CNC machining centers

Wood manufacting

  • Shaping
    1 eight-shafts double sided shaper
  • Moulding
    1 eight-shafts double sided shaper
  • Turning
    2 wood lathe machines
  • CNC machining center
    1 five-axis CNC machining center
    1 eight-axis CNC machining center
  • Calibrating
    1 calibrating machines
  • Veneering
    1 coater
    1 press

Accessory processing

  • Fabric and leather bonding
    An almost entirely artisanal manufacturing, guaranteed by the manual skills of our employees
  • Paint carousel
    One 1950 space carousel, equipped with automatic robot with electrostatic turbine
  • Spay paint booths
    3 painting rooms, one of this is pressurized
  • 3D printing
    1 plotter, which allows us to design prototypes and components for customized productions on materials ranging from plexiglass to leather to composite materials
  • Lighting intergration
    We have the expertise to deal with an important element such as the light. We are able to integrate lighting into finished furniture all of our furnature. This option is also avaliable for flatpack furmature and signs
  • Pre-assembly fittings
    In order to make final assembly easier, we can take care of the application of any accessory to the semi-finished pieces
  • Assembly
    To give a turnkey service, we can provide assembled products or flat-pack furniture, with the skill to flexibly manage orders, from small and large runs
  • Packaging
    The final piece but one of the most important. We want all of our products to reach you in perfect condition. Whether it is semi-finished or finished furniture. On request we can also design and manufacture flat-pack furniture

Production plants Brugnotto Group

  • Headquarters Zenson di Piave
  • Operating Center and Warehouse Fossalta di Piave
  • Logistic Center Pero di Breda di Piave