Wood and its derivatives, shavings and sawdust, are the materials that we work most with not only that, we recycle every scrap material, avoiding every possible waste.

In order to reduce the waste of material, we work hard daily to optimise all our production processes and to use only sustainable materials.


Brugnotto Srl has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of the Forest Stewardship Council® A.C. Chain of Custody.


Respecting the environment is one of the values that we most care about, by using the available resources properly and avoiding any negative effect on the environment.
Not only ecological, but also economic and social sustainability: all those important aspects contribute to achieve the condition of well-being (including security, health, education, democracy, justice).


High quality, non-stop improvement and care for details: these are the most important aspects at every stage of every one of our projects.

Thanks to the particular attention to detail and the great professionalism of all our operators, we manufacture every product with the highest care: our systems allow constant improvement in every production process.

We constantly monitor each stage with appropriate KPI’s to ensure a perfect final product.